Spell Check Service

Part of NetBeans Web Service tutorial,


This is what I did, followed the tutorial. You may try it!

As per advice, to write some English sentences.


You will get result,


The real checking is performed by calling Web Service, http://wsf.cdyne.com/SpellChecker/check.asmx?wsdl

When we check website, we can also learn more about Web Services,

What are web services

To me, number 3,

  • Web Services eliminate the need to learn other organization’s IT Infrastructures.

is also a good approach  for corporate in-house application development.


Java client to consume Web Service

這裡的NetBeans教程裡是教使用Swing創建個桌面型應用來消費(consume)另一個項目已提供的Web Service


重點是使用NetBeans開發環境創建Web Service Client 時,去指向已部署的服務


系統將自動生成可供調用的Java Class, 其名稱就是從WSDL檔案的內容決定的

  • NetBeans to generate Geneted Source (jax-ws)

在我實做的範例裡,我是採用最簡易的Java application,也就是可以在命令看到結果的那種,這也歸功於在備考Java SE 7認証考試下的基本功,間接見証基本功的威力.

以下的截屏是顯示最少必要的語句來調用已部署的Web Service.測試成功. 在這基礎上,可以任意組合在桌面型或網頁型的運用.


secure Web Service using NetBeans

Web Service is not new. How to secure it properly is always a concern.

NetBeans provides modern style to program secured web service, to learn it from official tutorial,